Veteran's Benefits Vs. Long Term Disability Benefits

Compensation and insurance provided to military veterans is very similar to workers’ compensation. The overall compensation system in both sectors involve more than one type of insurance such as health insurance, disability income insurance, life insurance, and possibly mortgage insurance. Despite these similarities, the application process for these benefits is quite different.

Applying to receive veteran’s benefits requires that you go through the Office of Veterans Affairs. The Office of Veteran Affairs handles all VA Disability Compensation and in order to qualify a veteran must have suffered a disability related to time spent in the armed forces. A veteran who was dishonorably discharged due not qualify for benefits.

If you are eligible for benefits, you could receive between $123 and $3100 each month. Additional supplementary payments to compensate family members may also be available.

Filing for VA disability benefits can be quite a complex process. To speak with an attorney about the legal options available to an injured veteran, please contact an Indiana Long Term Disability Attorney of the Hankey Law Office, by calling (800) 520-3633.