Veterans Seek Long-Term Disability in Class-Action Lawsuit

The Defense Department recently agreed to expedite the claims of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder but have been denied benefits.

The veterans’ advocacy group National Veterans Legal Services said at a press conference in Washington that more than 4,000 veterans could be eligible for benefits from a class action lawsuit if hey left the military because of their PTSD.

The original lawsuit was filed by seven veterans who suffer from PTSD in 2008. The seven veterans had been denied a required rating to make them eligible for a variety of long-term disability benefits. A court authorized mailing is now going out to veterans on a list of some 4,300 veterans informing them of their ability to join the lawsuit if they qualify.

Bart Stichman, a spokesman for National Veteran Legal Services, said “The legal notice gives thousands of veterans the right to join this class action under terms that are likely to result in millions of dollars in monetary and health care benefits.”

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