Workers Compensation Insurance for On the Job Injuries

Individuals who work in fields that have a constant threat of serious injury may feel scared and unsure about their jobs because they do not know what they would do if an injury was to occur. In innately hazardous jobs, a ladder fall could result in paralysis or the loss of movement in certain limbs, certain machinery could cause accidental amputation in the wink of an eye, and tractors can overturn and crush the driver, among hundreds of other potential accidents.

When these accidents occur, the worker not only faces a serious injury with accompanying medical bills and pain management, but they are also unable to work for the period of time it takes to recover from the injury. However, it is important to recognize that there is a safety net for workers in these fields. That net is called workers’ compensation. All employers with at-risk employees should take out workers’ compensation plans.

What Workers’ Compensation Provides

Workers’ compensation provides compensation that varies from state to state. But most basic workers’ compensation plans provide:

  • Medical care related to the injury sustained while at work.
  • Rehabilitation for the injury
  • Many plans also offer income replacement plans for lost wages

Workers’ compensation is provided in exchange for relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue the employer for negligence in relation to the injury-causing accident.

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