Work Credits Needed for Disability Benefits

When you suffer from an injury that prevents you from working, you may not be able to provide for yourself and your family anymore. In cases like these, the Social Security Administration may deem you eligible for disability benefits if you fit certain criteria. One such qualification is the amount of work credits that you have earned.

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Calculating Your Work Credits

As the way employers report your earnings has changed, so has the way that work credits are calculated. Starting in 1978, your work credits are calculated by looking at the amount of income that you earned during the entire year, not the amount of time that you worked during the year.

Although the amount of income necessary to earn one work credit changes each year, the Social Security Administration has released its minimums for 2010. You must earn $1,120 in covered income to receive one credit, or you can earn $4,480 this year to receive the maximum of four credits.

How Work Credits Turn into Disability Benefits

To determine whether or not you are eligible for disability benefits, you must see if you have earned the minimum amount of credits required for a person your age. For example, a 50 year old worker must have at least 28 work credits in order to receive disability help.

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