What Long Term Disability Insurance Should Cover

There are a number of different insurance policies that US citizens are expected to have. Health insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance are among the insurance types thought of as requisite for the average individual. But long term disability insurance can be vital to individuals who work in positions that have high incidences of on the job injuries. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that any individual has a one in five change of becoming disabled at some point in his or her life.

When an injury occurs that causes long-term disability, an individual is likely to lose his or her livelihood and thus the ability to make money to provide for his or her family. The average long term disability results in an absence form work that lasts around 2.5 years. Going without an income for this long can be devastating for the disabled person and his or her loved ones. Long term disability insurance was created to address these situations. This insurance will help cover a degree of any income lost due to the debilitating injury.

Most people with long term disability insurance get the insurance through their employers. Employers who have a number of employees working in dangerous situations often choose to offer long term disability insurance for the individual in addition to workers’ compensation insurance.

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