What Long Term Disability Doesn’t Cover

If you have long term disability coverage you may feel that you are completely protected from any injury and do not need to worry about anything else.  But there are, unfortunately, a number of things that your long term disability insurance will not cover.  You should be aware of these pitfalls and what you must do to protect yourself further.

Long term disability insurance does not cover the following:

  • Any period of time in which you are not under continuous care and treatment of a doctor or surgeon.
  • Any disability that came about from self-inflicted injury or illness.
  • Any disability from war or the actions off the armed forces of any country.
  • Any disability related to participation in a riot or civil uprising.
  • Any disability that is connected to a criminal offense or assault on your part.

If you fall into any category listed above, you will likely not want to purchase disability insurance.  Instead, research your particular situation and find out what other programs, such as government sponsored programs, there are that might help you receive the financial assistance you need to cope with your disability.

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