Top 3 Myths about Social Security Disability Insurance

Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and depend heavily on regular earnings from their jobs to support themselves and their families. If someone in this position suffers an injury or develops a medical condition that prevents them from working and earning a paycheck, disability benefits can be imperative for replacing lost wages. Unfortunately, though, there are three main myths about Social Security Disability Insurance that can mislead those who need these funds.

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Three Common Social Security Disability Insurance Myths

Because social security disability law is very complicated and involved, there are now many myths surrounding the application and approval process. Three of the most common Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) myths are:

Myth #1: Everyone’s Claim is Denied the First Time They Apply

This is false. Statistics reflect that roughly 60% to 80% of initial applications are denied, but by consulting with an attorney before applying, you can increase your chances of getting approved the first time. Additionally, if your first claim has already been denied, a lawyer can help with your appeal.

Myth #2: Those with a History of Drug or Alcohol Abuse Will Be Denied Benefits

If you have abused drugs or alcohol in the past, this has no bearing on whether your case is denied or approved.

Myth #3: You Have to Be a Certain Age to Apply for SSDI

Many people associate social security disability payments with older people, but age has no influence on whether you can receive benefits for a disability. However, the Social Security Administration does have some eligibility requirements regarding how long you have been employed.

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