The Emotional Effects of a Denied Long Term Disability Claim

There are a number of feelings that follow any type of injury, but an injury that leaves a person disabled can result in a degree of sadness that has never been experienced before by the victim. A disabling injury can make individuals question their purpose in life when they suddenly become unable to support themselves or loved ones. They may also become dependent on others for the first time in their lives. This loss of independence can be a harrowing experience.

But for those with long term disability insurance, a shred of hope and light can be seen through the darkness. LTD insurance can allow the injured person to receive income reimbursement so he or she can continue to support him or herself despite not being able to work.

When Things Get Worse

For some people, the light that is long term disability insurance is brutally blown out when an insurance company denies a claim. The emotions that follow a long term disability claim denial can include the following:

  • Surprise–at first this bad news seems unreal.
  • Anger–once the reality of the insurance company’s decision sets in, the injured person may become extremely frustrated and mad.
  • Depression–after the anger subsides, depression can set in. It is difficult to remain optimistic when the future is unclear.

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