The Basics of Long Term Disability Insurance

A long term disability insurance plan can be a great advantage to both employers and employees who work in dangerous fields. Basic workers’ compensation insurance alone is not generally enough in high risk workplaces. Unfortunately, some of these fields have high rates of disabling injuries that do not allow victims to continue working even after recovery.

If an employee is injured to the point that they are unable to work in their learned profession, long term disability can provide a degree of income replacement based on the type of plan he or she has. This can help employers to avoid personal injury lawsuits that usually end up costing far more than the monthly payment for long term injury insurance.

But long term disability insurance can be a bit confusing at times. For instance, many people cannot distinguish between long term disability and other types of insurance such as life, short term disability insurance and workers’ compensation.

The Purposes of Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

The difference between these two policies is that long term disability insurance is intended to help patients with permanent or long-lasting impairments. If an employee receives a disabling injury while on the job, they will need benefits for an extended period of time. In addition to ongoing bills for physical therapy and other treatments, they may not be able to earn their previous salary.

Unfortunately, long term disability insurance typically does not kick in for a good period of time. As an injured policyholder, you would need to prove that the injuries are going to persist over a relatively long period of time. Because of this, many employers opt to get short term disability insurance as well to cover the period before long term disability insurance kicks in.

Contact a Disability Attorney

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