Sources of Disability Income

When you are seriously injured or gravely ill, you are likely unable to work and earn the money that you need to take care of yourself. In these cases, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help replace your lost income. Before you file a disability claim, however, you should make sure that you know all of your options for disability income.

It is important for you to get all of the disability income that you require to cover your medical bills as well as other basic needs. Sometimes, you may need legal help to fight for the compensation that you deserve. To discuss your case, contact an experienced Indiana long-term disability attorney from Hankey Law Office, today at (800) 520-3633.

Types of Disability Coverage

There are many different types of disability income replacement that you should be aware of if you are injured. Common sources of disability coverage include:

  • Workers’ compensation through your employer
  • Employer-sponsored coverage (through insurance)
  • Social Security
  • Short-term state disability insurance
  • Individual disability insurance through your own provider

Depending on the extent of your injury, you may be unable to work for just a few weeks or even for the rest of your life. Thus, you should talk to a doctor about your recovery before deciding upon a disability coverage program. This is because some programs are better for long-term injuries, while others are more suitable for short-term problems.

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the right type of disability program for your individual circumstances. After a serious illness or injury, you should not have to stress about getting the disability benefits you need. For dedicated legal help during this difficult time, contact an Indiana long-term disability lawyer from Hankey Law Office, at (800) 520-3633 today.