Social Security for Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are a psychological condition in which a person displays patterns of behavior over their lifetime that cause significant interpersonal issues, conflicts with work, and maladaption to social situations. Personality disorders range in severity, but many are serious enough to prevent a person from being able to perform work-related functions.

If you or someone you love is in need of Social Security benefits for a personality disorder, the Indiana long-term disability attorneys of Hankey Law Office, can help you. The process of applying for and receiving Social Security may seem difficult, but we are dedicated to helping our clients to obtain the benefits that they need. Contact us today at (800) 520-3633.

Requirements for Social Security Benefits

In order to qualify for Social Security benefits, individuals with personality disorders must be able to provide documented evidence of a persistent condition that is characterized by at least one of the following, according to the 2008 Blue Book:

  • Seclusiveness or autistic thinking
  • Pathological dependence, passivity, or aggressivity
  • Intense and unstable interpersonal relationships and impulsive and damaging behavior
  • Persistent disturbances of mood or affect
  • Pathologically inappropriate suspiciousness or hostility
  • Thought oddities, perceptions, behavior, and speech

These conditions must be accompanied by significant social difficulties, struggles with daily living, and inability to sustain concentration.

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Dealing with a personality disorder can be extremely difficult and the effect it has on the ability to maintain a living wage is even more stressful. At Hankey Law Office, our Indiana long-term disability attorneys are committed to helping individuals with disabilities obtain the benefits they need. Contact us today at Hankey Law Office.