Quadriplegia and Long Term Disability Insurance

There are a number of disabling injuries that can make working difficult. The possibility for these injuries is the reason most people opt to take out long term disability insurance plans. But every injury is different, and most long term disability insurance companies respond differently according to the type of injury that is sustained.

For instance, an injury that makes the use of a leg impossible would make working in certain positions very challenging. But there is still the possibility of the injured person being able to switch careers and work in, say, an office setting in which they are able to sit during the day. An injury that results in quadriplegia would make it impossible for the injured person to ever work again.

How Long Term Disability Might Cover Quadriplegia Differently

An accident that results in quadriplegia should allow for a heightened amount of possible income reimbursement for the injured person. Because the victim will likely not be able to earn a living wage for the rest of his or her life, the insurance company should provide income reimbursement up until the point of retirement.

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If you are a quadriplegic and are not receiving adequate income reimbursement from your long term disability insurance carrier, you may be able to win a lawsuit to reverse the decision. For more information on long term disability insurance and your legal right to receive compensation following an injury, the Indiana long-term disability lawyers of Hankey Law Office can help. To speak with an attorney about your situation, contact us today at (800) 520-3633.