Pre-Existing Conditions and Your Long Term Disability Claim

For many victims of accidents that result in permanent disabilities, the option of receiving long term disability coverage for the resulting loss of income can provide much-needed financial support. Sadly, there are too often times when deserving individuals who file for long term disability are denied benefits with the explanation that they had a pre-existing condition.

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What Is A Pre-Existing Condition?

If your claim is denied with the explanation that you have a pre-existing condition, the Social Security Administration may be arguing the following:

  • Your disability is related to a medical condition present before the incident occurred
  • You are ineligible for disability compensation because your accident occurred within three to six months after your treatment of a pre-existing condition
  • A medical condition you had treated before your disability is directly related to the accident which resulted in your long term disability

Any of these arguments can be used by Social Security disability administrators in an attempt to deny your claim.

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