Meniere’s Disease and Long-Term Disability

Meniere’s disease is a health condition with widely varying degrees of severity. The disease’s main symptom involves attacks of vertigo stemming from fluid problems in the inner ear. While some individuals experience these attacks as infrequently as once a year, others may have daily attacks that require several hours of recovery. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Meniere’s disease, and although there is treatment, its effectiveness also varies significantly. Thus, some individuals with severe, untreatable cases of Meniere’s disease may be unable to work.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Meniere’s disease that prevent you from fulfilling your work obligations, you may be eligible for long-term disability benefits. An Indiana long-term disability attorney of Hankey Law Office, can help you secure the benefits you deserve. To speak with an attorney today, contact us at (800) 520-3633.

Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease

Doctors are unsure of what exactly causes episodes of imbalance with Meniere’s disease, but it is speculated that they are brought on by an increase in the pressure of inner ear fluid. The symptoms of Meniere’s disease include:

  • Temporary reduction in hearing that may result in gradual hearing loss over time
  • Pressure inside the ear
  • A ringing or roaring sound in the ear
  • Severe vertigo or dizziness
  • Nausea caused by vertigo

Attacks of severe vertigo and nausea may frequently interrupt a person’s ability to accomplish work-related attacks, resulting in a severe curtailing of his or her substantial gainful activity.

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