Long Term Disability with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition that is characterized by chronic pain in various parts of the body along with tender muscles, joints, and tendons. Unfortunately, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, but many methods have been developed for treating and reducing the symptoms, such as pain, sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, depression, and anxiety. For many people with this condition, the pain and tenderness is significant enough to prevent any viable means of earning income or maintaining employment.

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Determining Long Term Disability Benefits

Persons with fibromyalgia seeking to get approved for long term disability benefits must file an application with the Office of Social Security. The following summarizes the steps officials use to make a decision on whether or not an applicant qualifies for benefits:

  • Determine whether a person works and earns at least $1,010 a month
  • Evaluate the severity of the condition, specifically whether it prevents the ability to work at the applicant’s current place of employment or any other places of employment
  • There is no specific listing for fibromyalgia among the existing list of qualifying disabilities, but an official will check if the symptoms are comparable to a listing that exists. This will include an evaluation of the level of pain and fatigue the individual is experiencing. The symptoms must match the symptoms of another condition that does qualify for benefits.
  • Find out if a person is able to complete work they were previous able to complete
  • Review mental/physical condition, work experience, and education to find out if there is any work that the person is able to perform
  • Disability benefits are granted when this process is completed and it is determined that they are unable to perform work necessary to earn a living wage.

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits may be a confusing and complex process fraught with potential missteps. Fortunately, the help of an experienced long term disability attorney can help you avoid potential pitfalls. Contact an Indiana long term disability attorney with Hankey Law Office, today at (800) 520-3633 to speak with someone about pursuing the benefits you need.