Individual vs. Group Long Term Disability Plans

If you work in a high-risk field of employment, it is likely your employer offers you a form of long-term disability insurance. However, long term disability insurance is an important component of all workplace accident and injury coverage. Because there are varying ways in which your employer can offer this type of extended care and protection, it is important that you understand how this coverage can vary.

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How Individual and Group Long Term Disability Plans Differ

Depending on your company, you may have long term disability as part of your individual insurance coverage, or your employer may offer group coverage for long term disability. Employers typically do this in high-risk fields to provide financial protection for employees and their companies in the case of a serious physical injury which results in extensive personal disability. These two types of coverage can vary in the following ways:

  • When employers offer group long term disability coverage, it can be significantly cheaper for the employees.
  • Group coverage plans are not individualized, which means rates and premiums will not be lowered or increased due to the employees’ age or gender.
  • Having a group policy in place can streamline the compensation claim process.

No matter what type of coverage applies to you, it is important that you seek legal assistance when filing a claim.

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