Do Cancer Patients Qualify for Social Security Disability?

There is no question that people diagnosed with cancer have a long and difficult road ahead, and throughout treatment and recovery their physical health and strength may be greatly compromised. It is important for individuals who are unable to work due to their bout with cancer to ensure that they understand their legal rights with regard to Social Security Disability Insurance.

The process of seeking SSDI benefits can be frustrating and drawn-out, but a skilled and experienced attorney can help you with your claim and throughout the appeals process. If you are unable to work while you battle against cancer, contact the Indiana Social Security Disability attorneys of Hankey Law Office, at (800) 520-3633 today.

Qualifying for SSDI Benefits

In order to receive SSDI benefits, an individual must demonstrate that they are not anticipated to be able to work for a period longer than one year. In order to establish this, a claimant will be required to present medical records that indicate this is the case. An attorney can help you to ensure that you have gathered all the necessary paperwork in support of your claim and can help you to file timely and correctly. Cancer-related concerns that can interfere with one’s ability to continue working include:

  • Intense and lasting physical pain
  • A constant need to be away from work to receive treatment
  • Recovery time for surgical and other treatments
  • Inability to work in an occupational environment due to a compromised immune system

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Do not delay seeking legal counsel and filing assistance if you are coping with cancer and you cannot continue to work in your normal capacity. Contact the Indiana long-term disability attorneys of Hankey Law Office at (800) 520-3633 to learn more about receiving Social Security benefits while coping with cancer.