Denial of Disability as Insurance Bad Faith

When you are injured or ill to the point of being too physically or mentally weak to work, your medical bills can quickly build up while you are unable to pay them. Thus, many insurance companies include special disability clauses that allow you special coverage if you become disabled while you are under contract with the insurance company.

However, some insurance companies refuse to pay your claim as a way to cut costs and save money. This breach of contract can leave you feeling helpless—and hopeless. However, the Indiana long-term disability lawyers of Hankey Law Office, believe that you should not have to suffer from such unfair treatment. If your disability claim has been wrongfully denied, contact us today at (800) 520-3633 to fight for your rights.

What Is Insurance Company Bad Faith?

When you make an agreement with an insurance company to pay for coverage, you are entering into a contract with them that lasts for the duration of your agreement. However, if the insurance company wrongfully denies your claim or does not process it with due speed, it counts as insurance bad faith.

Because a long-term disability can be expensive to treat and manage, insurance companies may be especially hesitant to approve your long-term disability claim. If the disability is covered in your contract, however, you can take the insurance company to court in order to force them to pay the amount you deserve.

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