Degenerative Disc Disease

While all people experience a degeneration of the compressible discs, which separate each vertebra in the spinal column, as they age, some individuals develop severe symptoms as a result of this deterioration. This condition, known as degenerative disc disease, makes it impossible for those who develop it to perform the duties of their occupation. When this happens long term disability benefits may be necessary in order for these individuals to continue to support themselves and their family while they are unable to work.

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Disabling Effects of Degenerative Disc Disease

When the discs separating the vertebrae begin deteriorating, the effects will inevitably limit a person’s movement and capacity to perform certain tasks. The following are some of the effects of degenerative disc disease:

  • Chronic pain in the back and neck which radiates to the limbs
  • Inability to walk without assistance
  • Inability to bend, lift objects, and perform other tasks which require reaching, grasping, pushing, or pulling objects

While there are treatments which have been found to be effective for some individuals, many people are still severely limited by this condition and are in great need of long term disability benefits.

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