Construction Accidents and Disability

Construction is one of the most important industries in our society, as it creates our homes, workspaces, bridges, roads, and all other aspects of our infrastructure. Unfortunately, these important jobs are among the most dangerous a person can hold, and construction workers are more likely than workers in any other occupation to be injured on the job. In fact, over 500,000 construction workers are injured on the job each year, from minor injuries to long-term debilitation.

Construction Accidents

Since construction is such a large field, there are a variety of ways a person can be injured on the job:

  • Falls from elevated surfaces. 2% all construction injuries involve falls from scaffolds.
  • Slip and fall. Slippery surfaces, stray cords, construction debris, uneven surfaces, and other hazards can cause workers to trip and fall.
  • Electrocution. Construction workers are at increased risk for injuries from electrical shock.
  • Explosions. Gas line explosions can cause devastating injuries.
  • Repetitive strain. Construction workers often repeat the same action over and over, or must continuously lift heavy objects, causing injury.
  • Equipment malfunctions. A wide range of equipment can malfunction and cause serious injury.

Some injuries are so severe that a worker is forced to leave his or her job, or may no longer be able to perform normal functions.

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