A Social Security Benefit Claim Timeline

If you or a loved one has recently filed a claim for Social Security disability benefits, you might be wondering how long you have to wait until that claim is approved and you begin receiving your benefits. However, there are two important things to keep in mind. One is that a large percentage of applicants are initially denied their benefits application. The second is that the timeline for a Social Security benefit claim will be widely varied among different applicants, so it is hard to exactly determine how long it will take for you to get your benefits. Generally a person can expect to wait anywhere from six months to up to a year and a half for the entire process to be completed.

Battling for Social Security benefits can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. However, having legal support from a qualified Social Security disability benefits lawyer can help increase the speed and likelihood of getting your claim fulfilled. Contact experienced Indiana long-term disability lawyers from Hankey Law Office today by calling (800) 520-3633.

General Timeline

Although everyone’s timeline is different, the following offers estimates for the amount of time you might have to wait at each stage of the benefit application process:

  • 1. Initial Application – 4 to 6 months
  • 2. Reconsideration Period – 3 to 5 months
  • 3. Hearing for Review – 12 – 24 months
  • 4. Decision for Hearing – 2 to 9 months
  • 5. Appeals Council Meeting – 6 to 18 months
  • 6. Federal Court Appeal – 6 to 18 months

Unfortunately, a person’s wait time could end up being quite long for certain applications and appeals.

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